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COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

As part of our commitment to serve the community better, we have partnered with ADA to provide you a self-assessment tool for COVID-19 to help you determine the next steps to take.Click HERE to try now! Read More

Book for young children about corona virus

Here is a good book to read together about COVID 19 . Read More

Video for young children about corona virus

Read More

Covid 19: Article 4 : What is the disease outcome of COVID for children in Malaysia

What is the disease outcome of COVID for children in Malaysia? 马来西亚儿童感染上新冠肺炎后会导致什么疾病?This information is current up to 6th of April 2020. 该信息是截至2020年4月6日的最新信息。The epidemic is still evolving in Malaysia. 该流行病在马来西亚仍在发展。80 % of positive COVID children had no symptoms. 儿童确诊阳性新冠肺炎80%没有症状。8% had mild cough and cold or fever (upper respira... Read More

Covid 19: Article 3: How do I know if my child has COVID 19

This information is for guideline only and is not used as a diagnosis for your child.以下资料仅供参考而不能用作您孩子的诊断。When should I suspect if my child has COVID 19 ? 在什么情况下,我应该怀疑孩子患有COVID 19? A Epidemiological risk factors ( contact /travel history )流行病学因素(接触或旅游历史)Positive contact history last 14 days ( may have no symptoms ) 在近14天内跟患者有近距... Read More

Covid 19: Article 2: How safe is it to come to clinic during MCO ( last updated 6 April 2020)

Understandably, many parents / guardians will have concerns about safety at this time.  我们可以理解在此时许多父母/监护人会顾虑关于安全。We have been imposing the following protocols in order to keep patients and our medical staff safe. 我们一直在实施以下方案为了确保患者和我们的医护人员的安全。 HOW DOES THIS PROTOCOL WORK? 这协议如何运作?1. Contact exposure risk increases with dura... Read More


OPENING HOURS for Dr Wong May Foong ( Peadiatrician ) during MCO黄美风医生(儿科专科)诊所服务时间在行动管制令期间Monday to Saturday星期一到星期六9 am to 4 pm 早上9点到旁晚4点Lunch break 1 pm to 1.30 pm 午休时间1点到1:30Appointment basis only 跟我们预定时间Please call 03-80700056 or 03-80820613 可以打电话 03-80700056 or 03-80820613You can WhatsApp to +603-80700056 你可以 WhatsApp +603-80700056 Read More

Everything you need to know about Fever - 5 key points

1. Measuring the body temperatureWe need to use a good quality thermometer to measure body temperature as wrong temperature detection can cause delay in seeking medical care, delayed diagnostic workup and eventually leading to delayed treatment. Criteria for a good thermometerSafeEasy to useTime-efficientReading is accurate and reliableReading should not be influenced by environmental tempera... Read More

Macronutrient 101: Carbohydrate

by Shin Jie - 10th Jun 2019Do you know what are carbohydrates, or what food items belongs in the carbohydrate food group?  Here's a hint. It's a staple food in every household in Malaysia and you eat it every day, and for some, almost every single meal! It gives the extra oomph for you and your kids to conquer the day. Are you able to guess what it is?Yes, it's the rice,... Read More

Getting to know the healthy plate!

by Denise Phang - 3rd Jun 2019How do we know if our children are eating a balanced meal? Is there enough variety? Most parents struggle to get their children to finish their food, especially when it comes to vegetables and sometimes, even meat. Some try their best to limit their child when it comes to snacks, sweets and junk food too – hoping that this keeps their child healthier. They... Read More

Key Points to Healthy Eating

By Li Ern Tan | Dietitian - 27th May 2019Is healthy eating difficult for you?What if we tell you that you don’t have to cut out the foods you love or a certain food group to eat healthy? Sounds good doesn't it, who’s in? *Raise both hands up*Most people are reluctant to restrict their eating habits but still want healthy eating to be an enjoyable part of their everyday routine.Let&... Read More

Macronutrient 101: Protein

by Shin Jie - 19th Jun 2019The importance of proper nutrition during early childhood can’t be overstated, but do you know why it is important for your kids to eat the food that contains all the right nutrients? Or how to entice them to eat it? Protein is one of the nutrients your kids need especially when they are growing.Do you know why?Firstly, protein helps to build and repair muscle... Read More

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